An End


Mouse wheel down, one click. Before me lies a view of a southwestern horizon. On the left, green hills overshadowed by ominous black clouds. They slowly fade into the fire of the sun, vanquished by the light.

The water is deep blue – almost black. It steals sunshine, but remembers to share at least a glimmer.

In the middle of the ocean, an orange sphere sinks; bright, resolute and constant. It shines despite the clouds, the deep ocean and the sharp cliffs. The sun sets, but I know it will shine bright another day.

Yea, it’s dark in here, but it will help you grow.

Super Smart, but Just as Evil


The Smartest Guys in the Room, a film about the Enron scandal, outlines the events leading up to the collapse of Enron, and what has been dubbed as the largest corporate scandal in the history of civilization.
best friends 4 ever
How could these people be so evil? — that was the question I asked myself time and again. My answer? They thought they were right. Enron executives believed in themselves, that they were right. Once they could trick themselves, it was a matter of time before their employees, Wall Street, Investment Bankers and the general public all followed suit. Sound familiar?

Through use of the media and political lobbying, insanely rich people can pretty much execute any agenda they want. Not only that, they can get away with it. Our current administration is a good example of a group of people who actually believe what they are doing is right. George senior, GW, Jeb — all morally questionable, all rich, all powerful — and all right — it’s not a coincidence, people.

So where does everyone’s conscience go? Is it pooling in some black hole of decency and morality somewhere? A Yucca Mountain of shoulda, woulda, coulda but didn’t? What keeps everyone so oblivious to the people they hurt? Why doesn’t everyone use their vote to change this?

The media won’t let us. Like the lone journalist who spoke out against Enron, Jon Stewart continues to be one of the very few who say on a regular basis that something is fucked up here. So when will everyone start paying attention to the truth? Hopefully before the US self-destructs.

Will we learn from the Enron collapse, or will our country share a similar fate?