Go Hornets!


Spurs showed they were the best at… well… basketball? Here are some highlights from game 5:

  • Hey let’s foul the Suns on purpose instead of playing basketball — EQUIVALENT OF 8 TURNOVERS
  • Duncan tripping over his own feet — FOUL
  • Parker falling down after getting assaulted by a nitrogen atom — FOUL
  • Shaq stripping ball off of Duncan’s feet — SPURS BALL, 2 POINTS BY DUNCAN
  • Seven turnovers by the Suns in the fourth quarter — SHIT

I don’t even know where to start with this. Game 5 showed the Spurs’ true colors, bunch of fakers and liars. But even in the wake of such embarrassing play by the Spurs, the Suns gave them the game again because they were not mentally tough.

In the end, to beat a superior team you need to resort to intentional fouling, flopping and luck. It paid off.

So honestly, basketball died a little more today. Most of you don’t know why or what I mean, but then again most of you don’t know the game like I do. Most of you ain’t got shit on me.

Go Hornets. Best I can hope for is that this joke of a team dies at the hands of CP3.

Or, New Orleans will learn that it takes more than basketball to win in the playoffs.

Here’s to the Spurs getting old and eventually dying.

Suns Live for Another Day


Well, the Suns decided to show up.

This is the team I saw last year, and it will be very interesting to see what Suns team decides to attend game 5.

I’ll say this, though — at least Spurs fans can put their brooms away. Now you should concentrate on cheering for your team. If the Suns win game 5, this goes 7 games — and the series can go either way.

Coming back from 0-3? Pretty much impossible but there’s a first time for everything. Why not now?*

*I am not on drugs, just hopeful for my team.

And now for something completely different


My Spurs rant wasn’t meant for planet — put the wrong category on that by accident last night, so sorry about that.

I wrote it after the game from a craptastic bar in SJC as I waited for my plane — it was delayed 3 hours because of weather in Chicago.

I did work on a diagram for upgrading the graph server architecture last night, so I’ll offer that as a nugget of truce to planet.mozilla.org readers:

Goal is to make the graph server snappier. Comments welcome.

Yea, but I still hate the Spurs


The almighty Spurs realized that the pick-and-roll is the most consistent offense in a league where the zone is all but overruled.

Sooner or later the Suns will realize that they can’t just outscore opponents and expect people to just bend over when they run fast or actually pass the basketball.

All things aside, the Spurs deserve their due. They have outplayed the Suns and I expect a sweep. The Suns’ coach should be fired and they need some fresh blood that knows how to teach defense — think Rick Carlisle-isk. If the Suns could play defense I would not be writing a pity post because they’d be up 3-0.*

*unless the Suns beat the Spurs in 7

This doesn’t take away from the bullshit the Spurs pulled last year, mind you — I still think that team is filthy (see: Ginobli’s awkward travel in the 2nd quarter) but after a certain point you can only cry so much before you realize you’re just being outplayed. Fact is — Horry’s pussy-ass-bullshit-omg-wtf-this-guy-is-such-a-piece-of-shit foul owned the Suns and destroyed their chances last year — the Suns never recovered. Now that is making the most of your fouls. Regardless, I think Horry should have had his arms removed for what he did. Way to make a mockery of the entire sport.

For game 1, sure, the Suns got a raw deal. Game 2 and 3 they got owned because of their own shortcomings defending their “secret” weapon — the pick-and-roll. Now, the Spurs have seen this for 10 years — probably longer — and while sometimes you’re helpless against it it’s pretty easy to understand that you can pull a couple defenders off of people who aren’t 3-pt threats.

Do the math, D’antoni. Earn your keep, jackass.

Ultimately, all crying and whining aside, I think the Suns got out-coached, and when the Suns were younger with magical Marion to clean up the mess, they were fine. My favorite part of all this is the rich denial — the Suns honestly thought they didn’t have to make any adjustments after Ginobli and Parker destroyed them on the pick-and-roll. Really? And you have tape/review sessions? Get over yourselves, asshats.

Mike D — find another barber shop — maybe in Brooklyn or Detroit where they aren’t so white they can be honest.

Now Phoenix is getting older, much like the Spurs, and they don’t have answers. It’s because unity and cohesiveness reign supreme in the playoffs, and the Suns don’t have either past a certain point. They are tired and ready to die in ’08 — just like their biggest fans.

One of these things is not like the others…


In a recent bug fligtar was nice enough to run some stats for me on platform strings passed in extensions.update.url via the %APP_OS% client variable in Firefox. He found some interesting results:


Fixing bug 407211 will be a long and hard process, but I think I’ll be able to handle it.

I really hate the Spurs


The Spurs are a part of the system. They are borne from the 1990s system of hard-nosed defense and crying to the refs.

They find themselves in the new age of basketball — of 120 point games and no defense — and they are clinging to the only thing they have.

The refs.

Two games now I’ve watched flop after flop and fucked up call after another — in the end it amounts to one thing — a Spurs W. But at what cost?

I’m not really going to go into any of it, just see youtube for whatever you need to know. In the end, it just amounts to old guys clinging to what they can to advance in the playoffs. The Suns are a better team, the Spurs are old, and they game the system to get what they want.

The worst part is Spurs fans who never admit their team’s strategy. There will be more videos, more blogs, and the end conclusion is that anybody not already a Spurs fan realizes that this is all wrong and basketball dies a little every time this team wins in the playoffs.

And if you’re a Spurs fan, hey, great, your bandwagon is intact — way to ride to another pseudo-win so you can brag to your pseudo-friends about how fake-good your team is.