Yea, but I still hate the Spurs


The almighty Spurs realized that the pick-and-roll is the most consistent offense in a league where the zone is all but overruled.

Sooner or later the Suns will realize that they can’t just outscore opponents and expect people to just bend over when they run fast or actually pass the basketball.

All things aside, the Spurs deserve their due. They have outplayed the Suns and I expect a sweep. The Suns’ coach should be fired and they need some fresh blood that knows how to teach defense — think Rick Carlisle-isk. If the Suns could play defense I would not be writing a pity post because they’d be up 3-0.*

*unless the Suns beat the Spurs in 7

This doesn’t take away from the bullshit the Spurs pulled last year, mind you — I still think that team is filthy (see: Ginobli’s awkward travel in the 2nd quarter) but after a certain point you can only cry so much before you realize you’re just being outplayed. Fact is — Horry’s pussy-ass-bullshit-omg-wtf-this-guy-is-such-a-piece-of-shit foul owned the Suns and destroyed their chances last year — the Suns never recovered. Now that is making the most of your fouls. Regardless, I think Horry should have had his arms removed for what he did. Way to make a mockery of the entire sport.

For game 1, sure, the Suns got a raw deal. Game 2 and 3 they got owned because of their own shortcomings defending their “secret” weapon — the pick-and-roll. Now, the Spurs have seen this for 10 years — probably longer — and while sometimes you’re helpless against it it’s pretty easy to understand that you can pull a couple defenders off of people who aren’t 3-pt threats.

Do the math, D’antoni. Earn your keep, jackass.

Ultimately, all crying and whining aside, I think the Suns got out-coached, and when the Suns were younger with magical Marion to clean up the mess, they were fine. My favorite part of all this is the rich denial — the Suns honestly thought they didn’t have to make any adjustments after Ginobli and Parker destroyed them on the pick-and-roll. Really? And you have tape/review sessions? Get over yourselves, asshats.

Mike D — find another barber shop — maybe in Brooklyn or Detroit where they aren’t so white they can be honest.

Now Phoenix is getting older, much like the Spurs, and they don’t have answers. It’s because unity and cohesiveness reign supreme in the playoffs, and the Suns don’t have either past a certain point. They are tired and ready to die in ’08 — just like their biggest fans.

5 thoughts on “Yea, but I still hate the Spurs

  1. Tchung

    it has been a fair and clean series. Horry hardly played, ginobili is a magician, and bowen has shut down nash with pure defense. As you’ve noted, there is big problems with D’Antoni and his strategies, and unless sunday becomes a V for them, he’s out. The only way suns can even pull a win off, is if they get bigs to start playing more transitional defense. I saw Manu and Parker come off the pick from TD to hit a clear 3-point shot in front of shaq… who was at least 3 feet back! Nothing was wrong with Suns’ offense, they just can’t play defense. As much as you know i got my money on Spurs to win it all, i can’t help but feel sorry for Phoenix right now. And give the hack-a-shaq strategy a A+. Yeah, its stupid and unfair, but if the big man can’t hit a free throw, then who’s fault is it really? It’s a brilliant strategy, slows down any Suns offensive momentum, and is worth the gamble to let shaq 1 of 2 if that’s the deal.

    This is the playoffs at its best for the spurs. Suns: well played in game 1, but get over yourselves and start playing spurs ball again if you want to stay alive.

  2. I can shoot free throws better than him, and I don’t get paid 20 million a year. So it makes me wonder what the hell keeps someone from getting better at free-throws. So yea, hack-a-shaq is lame but if the guy can’t convert and make people pay, it’s pretty much his fault.

    I will say, though, that hack-a-shaq’s real damage is done by slowing down the game and eliminating transition offense for the Suns. It also demoralized them — Nash admitted and said, “I felt like an outsider,” after the game last night.

    Suns will have to answer some tough questions during the offseason.

  3. Oh – and Tony – this series is cleaner than last year by far, probably because everyone has their eyes on the Spurs. I’m still bitter about last year, though. But the nastiness and the questionable calls at least meant the Suns had fight in them. This year they just kind of rolled over after Game 1.

  4. Tchung

    There you go, you called it. one of these games in Phoenix was going to be a blowout, and it happened to be to the suns’ end in Game 4. Agree all eyes are on spurs this year since they are defending champs and last year’s tough series, but media still likes to underrate the spurs and put their attention on lebron or kobe. Anyway, everyone knows Defense wins championships, so D’antoni better steal out a page out of popovich’s book if they want a game 6. ehh, or more like find a way to inspire his players to switch on defense faster.

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