Why Terry Porter should be fired


I’m not an angry person unless I have a reason. Terry Porter is that reason.

After watching the Suns’ efforts over the last two weeks, I am convinced that Terry Porter doesn’t know what he’s doing. As far as I can tell, here is his game plan:

  • give Steve Nash the ball and hope it works out
  • yell at the team to “keep up the intensity and make plays”
  • blame the personalities on his team for his difficulties

You have to do better than that, Terry.

It really hit me the other night when I saw Nate McMillan talking about his Blazers. Young team, lots of potential, starting to realize it with hard work and perseverance. It is a good time to live and cheer for Portland. I’m glad I live in this city and am able to see Blazers games. I am proud of them.

But Nate was talking about numbers. Fastbreak points, points in the paint, turnovers. He talked about what their goal was going in, and how they did against that goal. He had clear expectations and that night they met them — and they won. That creates confidence in the coach, and confidence in their system. Porter has no such clarity, and it shows.

It really boils down to this: Suns fans aren’t proud of their team.

Here’s why I think Terry has failed his team, and why the Suns subsequently suck major ass:

  • They don’t know how to enter the post. With a team centered around Shaq, you’d think they’d practice post entry. Don’t enter the post from the top of the key. Make bounce passes. Seal the defender. Re-post if you have to. They don’t understand how to post up effectively. And that’s just when Shaq is posting. When Amare posts, it’s an even bigger joke because he’s 10 feet away from the basket. He usually does some random crap, goes right, then either gets a charge or is forced into an crazy off-balance shot (which he sometimes makes). Sigh. My bet is that the majority of their turnovers are from crappy post passes trying to set up Shaq or Amare, or passes out of the post to another player that get intercepted or deflected. That is bad coaching. Fake the first pass, bounce it always, get the right angle. Set off-picks. You’re in the NBA assholes! You learned this in high school.
  • The #1 scorer symptom. Good defensive teams take away their opponents’ first option. The really great defensive teams shut down players like Kobe and Lebron on a regular night. Sometimes the superstars score anyway, but rarely. There was a stretch in Nov and Dec when Suns opponents went off on consecutive nights. Wade: 43 points, Harris: 47, Paul: 24 and 15, Dirk: 39. When you fail at stopping the other team’s best player, it means you suck at planning. Terry Porter and his idiot staff is responsible for preparing his team for these types of battles. He failed. And it’s not Nash getting beat off the dribble either — it’s a total and complete lack of help defense and understanding what other teams are trying to do. There’s no excuse for this. Do you think Popovich would allow this kind of bullshit to happen against his team? Fuck no.
  • Talent. Porter has an older, smarter team. They win games on experience and talent alone, but most nights they get embarrassed because they are grossly unprepared. If he had a bunch of fuckup teenagers with no real experience, I’d cut him a little slack. But he’s got some perennial all-stars mixed with young talent that has untapped potential. He is failing not only at coaching and preparing veterans, but he’s failing at helping young players grow. Both are egregious failures and should be reprimanded not only because of wins and losses, but because of the intangible costs to these players and their careers.
  • Defense? What defense, you sham? You preached about how you wanted to slow it down and become a balanced team. You can’t be the Spurs, you asshole. You’re the Suns and you have different personnel. Defense starts with preparation and time in the video room. You have no plan and expect your team to play great defense? I see this shit about Suns players not able to play good defense. Shut up. Shaq? Amare? Richardson? Nash? Hill? All better than average defenders if you coach them right. I’ll let you in on a little secret everyone: great defenders without help and rotations suck consistently. This is what you’re seeing in Phoenix. No rotation, no help, no communication, no preparation. What do you get? The other team kicking your ass all up the court and you feeling like shit.
  • They totally gave up on screen and roll. What the hell? It’s the only thing that has worked in this league consistently since illegal defense was instantiated. Even against psuedo-zones it still works. Even against 3-2 “we’re packing it in the paint as much as we can like high school” defenses can’t defend a good pick and roll on the wing. Amare or Shaq plus Nash is a deadly pick and roll. Why are you ditching it? Porter?! Amare is sitting on the weak side making a sandwich on most possessions because everybody stands around watching a poor entry pass into Shaq.
  • Matt Barnes. Go home, you tattooed freak. I’m tired of watching your stupid open court decisions and your overrated three-point shooting. You are too small to make up and under moves against good defenses and you’re not consistent enough to shoot it from outside. You need to go away, or maybe you need a coach to whoop your ass. Either way, I’m tired of you.
  • Amare Stoudemire. Sucks when a 36-year old 7’1″ man can show you how to play the game of basketball, huh? Well, he’s one of the 50 greatest players of all time. Show him some respect. You see how he gets rebounds and gets post position instead of settling for fadeaways? Hopefully you can learn from it instead of bitching about your team when you aren’t winning. You don’t get 20 and 10 every night because you are a whiner who doesn’t hustle. Marion could crash the weak-side boards and get 15 a night. Mike Morgan (yeah, me) could get more rebounds than you on the weak side just standing there. You can’t get more rebounds than a 6′ white Canadian point guard! Look at yourself, man. You’re the problem, not anybody else. I want to see you get 2-3 offensive rebound slams a night, because when Shaq is double teamed you have no excuse. But this falls on Porter, too — he doesn’t challenge you and slap your stupid face when you cry about touches on offense while simultaneously slacking on defense. You need some strong doses of Bobby Knight, kid. Stoudemire’s line tonight: 3 points on 0-7 shooting, 4 turnovers and 1 rebound. Eight players on the Suns got more rebounds than this jackass, but he made over $187,000 for that game. What a joke. Your worst moment of the season, though, was when McHale put Craig Smith in your face the other night against Minnesota and you couldn’t even guard him because your defense is so horrible. Any real power forward from the last 30 years would eat you up alive you fake superstar. It happens anytime you guard Rasheed, KG or Duncan. Instant foul trouble and the other guy gets 20 and 10. And you’re worried about not getting enough shots? Shut up.
  • Set plays. They have no set plays. Only play I’ve seen is Shaq post-up and do something or the back door cut with Grant. You suck, Porter.

So this is what happens when you take the most talented basketball team in the NBA and put a shitty coach on top of it. It’s like a trick chocolate cake. Should be a lot sweeter, should be the best thing ever, but it isn’t. It’s just a pile of shit.

Terry Porter, you are the owner of this turd cake. You’re fired.