day 23 – Red Rock Coffee


Red Rock Coffee

Okay, so I took this earlier in the week, but I was busy watching football today!

Simple filter in lightroom to remove color. Accidental focus on the reflections instead of the logo, but I liked it anyway.

day 22 – Saturday work hours


Mozilla Crash Reporting Team

Saturday downtime meant the Mozilla crash reporting team had to get up early on a Saturday, roll up their sleeves and spend the day migrating our entire system to a new data center. Nice job everyone!

day 20 – North or South?


North or south?

I decided to leave the house with my fisheye lens. At the train station I noticed you can get both tracks in the same shot with a 10.5mm fisheye, so here goes.

Since the sun was bright behind the station, I bracketed the exposures and then later merged them with Photomatix Pro.

day 19 – Going up?


Going up?

This is a metal archway on the sidewalk near the Mountain View CalTrain station. The metal on blue has a nice effect, but the black and white equivalent jumped out at me due to the different contrast between grey and white. Check it out:

Going up?

My feeling was that due to better contrast and less distraction from white on blue clouds, the arrows seem to jump out more. Just a feeling.