Instant DNA, just add courage


Watching Gattaca made me think about what I’m made of. Am I 30% more likely to get pissed off than most people? Do I tend to cry 17% less often than most males my age — or 17% more? What is my predetermined life expectancy? My chance of succeeding and being happy in life? More or less?

Nobody knows. And just as the movie so amply put it — nobody will ever be able to measure the power of emotion, the power of dreams, and the undeniable force of conviction.

And so those who doubt you, they simply do not understand — that success is not measured in liters, pounds or inches. You are never sure to fail, never sure to win, because nobody is certain how much you care until you are immersed in something enough to know for yourself.

Success is fleeting, but so is emotion. It could very well be that all of your failures were just signs that you didn’t care enough at the right times because you were driven by the wrong reasons.