• In Office Space, I realized the “people guy” Tom Smykowski was probably a very important person in their software development team and it was a play on managerial ignorance.
  • Went to San Francisco and met some cool people at the Mozilla Foundation. I learned about their build process, got to meet people face to face, and we had some great discussions about UMO and Bouncer.
  • I got to see Sarah and Harri. Their cat has worms.
  • Businesses don’t get ‘open source’. Neither do most open source people.
  • Community development tools need to be created to manage distributed development.
  • Junior is meowing all the time and I don’t know why. I think it’s puberty.
  • How someone plays basketball is a reflection of who they are in real life.
  • Bush is going to make ignorant people in this country forget about the war that wasn’t supposed to happen in the first place. Unfortunately, having an election doesn’t mean much. Helping a country establish a government that can operate on its own, has electricity and provides for its people is another thing. Don’t be so proud yet …
  • In regards to Social Security, the “New Deal” will become the “Raw Deal”. Privatizing social security benefits people who have enough money and hurts just about everyone else (probably).
  • It always rains within 4 hours of washing your car.
  • Picasa2 is pretty cool.
  • Static variables are not global variables. If you think this, you need to sleep more.
  • Scott Kveton can traverse highway overpasses like a champ. He “don’t be needin’ no stinkin’ footbridge, sucka!”.
  • Beefy cheesy macaroni is a good soup. You can try it at Tommy’s (4th street, Corvallis) on Saturdays.
  • Don’t ever buy this heater from Black and Decker because it’s a piece of shit and will break.

If there is too much crap going on, just make a list.