I’ve been sick all week with the flu. Started late Tuesday night; vomiting, leaky butt, all that good stuff. Lasted for about 10 hours – with no sleep – until finally I went to the hospital. I got 3 bags of IV, some drugs for my intestines and some anti-nausea pills that would help me sleep. 36 hours of sleep and water later I ate my first meal.

I don’t remember ever being this sick. The back of my head still feels like a melon. I feel dizzy when I stand up and my body is weak. Oh the wonders of influenza.

I’ll have the weekend to get better and I’ll just have to conquer the world on Monday.

No matter how shitty things get, at least be grateful for your health.

One thought on “Bedridden

  1. silesia

    I know how you feel. I’ve gone through the same problems. but it was not the flu, said the doctor. It was a virosis.
    I hope you have already conquered the world. As a amtter of fact, for me it tok almost a week.

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