UMO was re-released a week ago, and we have been happy with its comeback. Despite some minor usability issues, things have gone over pretty well, considering the codebase.

It was good to see such a flurry of activity; from a revitalized sense of excitement in chatrooms to the corresponding boom in submitted extensions. It shows how much addons mean to Firefox and Thunderbird.

UMO v2.0 sits on the horizon — a re-developed architecture, built for scalability and extensibility by an experienced core. It will offer all of the things lacking in v1.0. Our goals will not have changed, and we will strive to answer all of the great feedback we’ve been receiving.

And meanwhile, Lars has been cranking away at his modifications to Bouncer v2.0, which will be out very soon, pending some final changes regarding file input/additions.

It has been a very busy April. I haven’t had much time to stop and write. But in some ways that’s a good thing.

May will be another step in the right direction.