WordPress, Reloaded


I decided to update WordPress from 1.3alpha to the latest Subversion snapshot. I like it so far.

When I get some time I will update the template. I don’t like the 1.5 default – needs more sauce.

Seems like everyone else has had a lot of time to update their blogs. They are all nice, neat and cool. I figured I’d take an hour to upgrade and at least reopen comments. Oooohh. 😐

So my site sucks now, but there’s more to come:

  • No more stupid no-capitals in post titles
  • Revamped poetry and portfolio page, added as a WP category instead of a static page
  • A non-default non-lameass template (ripped off from the actually cool WordPress Default)
  • More meaningful posts — I miss writing, don’t know why I slowed down (being busy is a weak excuse)
  • Migration of old gallery, with a little bit more of comment moderation to prevent Aussie hate spam… (long story)

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