House of Chains


I’m so stripped down and naked
Feed me with change
Love me numb
So I can heal your pain
Make me wake up early
I’ll drive home so far away
Skip school and sleep in my car
Turn on the heat and melt the snow away

Is there still time for love
I’ll forgive and forget
I wont regret a thing
But my pride and anger
It’s a danger to myself

Now I’m looking out the front door window
To my teen hood house of chains
Seems like everyone’s pretending to know the key
To something for somewhere
They’ve never been
In this road never ending
I’m ending this with you
Let’s go there
Still time for me and you…

Mom’s in the hospital
She’s sick and under nourished
But anything is possible
She says violets always flourish
Fathers so afraid
Of the child inside he’s lost
So how much will he pay
For all the pain he caused
I saw him smiling, laughing
Betrayed and so lost but I found, let’s celebrate it
No matter what it costs

We don’t have to wait
Now’s never too late
Now is forever
And we are always free

From: “House of Chains” by Future Leaders of the World, LVL IV (track #8), 2004

Note: Don’t worry, nothing to do with my life, just lyrics to share.