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  1. anonymous 1

    This isn’t adressed specifically to you, but to all people photographing cats.
    People, please remember: *before* photographing a cat always make sure that the flash is “off” (not “on” or “auto”).

    If you really need a flash make sure to be at a distance of *at least* 2 meters (6.6 feet) from the cat or you can permanently damage the cat’s eyes.

    While we are on it… the *minimum* distance for photographing (human) babies with a flash is 1 meter (3.3 feet). Yes: the cats’ eyes require a bigger distance and if you don’t use a flash at all is way better.

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  3. Roger

    For real? I’m all for being nice to cats, but is there any proof behind this cat eye damage? I Googled “flash damaging cat’s eyes” and guess what? This post comes in at number 10 (and none of the other results are useful). That’s right, this comment section is now a top 10 source for information about flash induced feline eye damage.

  4. Well, Jaime is practically an animal doctor expert person — and she’s never heard of that. So she is going to ask around at the clinic and see what’s up. Then people can Google for “cat eye damage flash camera” and find the answers here!

  5. So I did a bit of online searching on veterinary related sites and message boards and like Roger, came up relatively short. I understand the concern about light damage to the feline retina, however I believe that it would take an extensive amount of focal light to create any damage. Studies have shown (in rats!) that chronic light exposure may predispose the retina to early degeneration, however I feel that this is much like many toxicity studies – when you expose the animal to HUGE amounts of the toxin, or light in this case, OF COURSE there will be damage. All in moderation, right? And also, most cases of progressive retinal atrophy have been related to breed, and not trauma from bright light exposure. So anyway, I am personally much more concerned about retinal detachment due to systemic hypertension (a completely separate disease process) than camera flashes. 🙂

  6. LMC

    I dont get it . Know one is actually replying to question at hand , you think ? Anyway , I dont think its the cat so what ever the other stuffed or real little animal next to the cat ,is who I think is the MASCOT for Firefox. YOU THINK

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