AMO v2


The public rewrite of AMO was released today.

Fixed in this release:

  • Stuff
  • More stuff
  • Scalability
  • Other stuff

No, but seriously, you might find that your bookmarks are a little off, or _____. If so, find us on irc in and let us know — we aren’t at the “file a bug if it’s broke” stage yet.

Thanks to Wil Clouser, who worked on a large portion of the updates. Thanks to everyone who pointed out bugs and helped us fix stuff, and thanks most importantly to the reviewers who help us keep this ship afloat.

Speaking of which, please take some time to review our draft policy that we have been working on!

Better late than never, and better late than totally crappy.

26 thoughts on “AMO v2

  1. Funnily, it really looks like the old one. However, I see some nice differences, like all the mod_rewrite stuff and such. You guys seem to have done a good job. I like it.

  2. Alfred Kayser

    Wehere is the ‘Top Rated’ themes list?
    My themes do not appear in the Top Themes (which is just top downloads, which means that themes most often downloaded just get more often downloaded).
    But some themes are not so often downloaded, but very liked with high scores, so can we please have it back, preferably next to the other two lists on the front page (of the themes section)?

  3. The most important part:
    * Host awesome addons that enrich the web.
    * Provide a testing ground for new but untested addons where experienced users can play with new addons.
    * Provide a solid platform for distributing and rating approved/tested addons.

    Developer Responsibilities

    It’s cool that it’s great creative platform.

  4. Raymond

    Need to install an IRC client here 🙂
    So I’ll ask my question about the bookmarks here:
    where are the feeds ?? I had an (live)bookmark for the latest ( new and updated ) add-ons ( themes / extensions ) for firefox.. but it doesn’t work anywore

  5. Kurt

    I think the comments should be defaulted to newest, seems random right now. Should be newest because people may have left bad comments in the past if the extension had some bugs or before you implemented a lot of features so they called it crap. Newest comments generally reflect the latest version of the extension.

  6. wow

    Two questions: Why green for ratings – is netscape 7.0 back? Second, what happened to developer comments? Nevertheless, good job on fixing the backend.

  7. Why is everybody asking for the feeds? On every page, they are in the footer. Or you use the live bookmark symbol that automatically appears in your firefox.

    I don’t quite get where the problem should be there.

  8. Frank Lion

    Does anyone see a problem in the fact that on the Top Rated Theme feed, that 7 of the 10 shown are for Mac users only?

  9. Steve

    “You get a prompt to download the Themes instead of being able to install now.’

    It is Bug#332885

  10. Is it ever gonna leave Beta? Like the cleaner appearance, and being able to search within the Extensions group without selecting such for every search. Miss the Browse ALL category, sure 1200-something extensions is a lot to browse thru but sometimes an extension fits in multiple categories and may not be ‘known’ for obscure features. I would like to see a Browse ALL category with Alphabetical selectors so that if you are looking for an extension for GMail your can select G, and so on.


  11. Cameron

    Feeds are located at

    All the old urls do not point at all the new urls. Bug 332843 has been filed.

    Alfred Kayser: Top themes, and whatever else you may want to see, can now be generated using the advanced search options.

    Kurt: For comment sorting, see bug 332826 .

    wow: For comment rating icons, see bug 332838. As for developer comments, there was a problem before, but they should be back. If you’ve still got problems, drop into #umo or file a bug.

    Tim Horton: Server issues. Should be resolved now.

    the-edmeister: You can browse all extensions ordered by name by using the search feature.

    Thomas: Source code is in mozilla/source/webtools/addons/

  12. Martin Anderson

    First of all, for God’s sake change the unreadable colour scheme of this page. I have to hit ctrl-A to even decipher the text. Light-on-black text is the very first thing web-design newbies do in the first hour of day 1 of having a go at designing websites. I know that sounds strong, but it is a SEVERE usability issue for this page.

    Second, I would like to say that the extensions page for Firefox has been completely ruined with the new approach. Check out

    for some feedback going on there.

  13. Tatfield

    I came to this page from:
    hoping to find somewhere I could voice a plea for reverting the Extensions page to its former way of working but I have to leave this page as the appalling white out of black or grey is giving me a headache. Websites need to be ergonomically acceptable and this sort of colourscheme, like flashing lights and animated cartoons, just defeats the purpose for having it. Bit like the extensions page really!

  14. And what happened to the average user rating that used be at the top of each extension page? This was one of the most valuable pieces of information for quickly assessing the popularity of the extension/theme.

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  16. Or, for that matter, try getting a response from Maddox when you write to him and tell him he’s a retard for having light text on a black background:

    While you’re at it, read his bit about his color scheme:

    I’ll give you a quote here:

    … I’ve chosen a black background for most of my text because it’s easier on the eyes than staring at a white screen. Think about it: your monitor is not a piece of paper, no matter how hard you try to make it one. Staring at a white background while you read is like staring at a light bulb (don’t believe me? Try turning off the lights next time you use a word processor). Would you stare at a light bulb for hours at a time? Not if you want to keep your vision. …

  17. Mike, I’ll give you another quote from the very same site. 😉

    I use large fonts also as a protest against all the stylish garbage you see out there. When I go to a web site, I WANT TO READ THE CONTENT.

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