Election Drives New Legislation


Why has our legislature magically started to show up to work?

I think a quote from my favorite over-inflated gas bag in a recent article on CNN.com sums it up best:

In the closing moments of Senate floor debate last week, Specter looked ahead to the conference committee meetings and reminded fellow Republicans that midterm elections are looming.

“There is an important issue, political issue, about the ability of Republicans to govern,” the Judiciary Committee chairman said. “There is an election in November, and our leadership positions as Republicans is on the line. And I think that will weigh heavily in the conference.”

– CNN.com, Bush calls for House, Senate compromise on immigration

Has white noise in the media gotten so loud that the head of the senate judiciary committee — a group dedicated to fairness and lack of bias — can openly declare that legislative decisions for the people are being decided based on personal agendas of officials elected to represent them?

Have we grown so numb that we don’t even care?

If the new bills and the timing of immigration reform, tax breaks for the rich and anti-abortion legislation around the nation, and anti-gay bills backed by conservatives isn’t enough — this should serve as at least a little warning to those of you who blindly support anything people like Specter and Frist spoon-feed you.

Please, please, try to listen and understand what is really going on, and while you’re at it, vote for anybody (from either party) who won’t be thinking of themselves when they are voting and discussing these important issues.

These laws and others like them should be decided solely based on what is right and just for the American people. They shouldn’t be stepping stones for prolonging the political careers of people with questionable motives and secret agendas.

Election-driven legislation represents the core of what plagues our government. It is another external influence injected into a once honorable profession, and threatens our freedom more than any terrorist.