Ehren the Brave


My cousin Lt. Ehren Watada is facing a rough road ahead as he sacrifices himself in an effort to wake up the United States government and the silent majority of this nation.

Ehren is a brave man to choose this path when so many before him could have but didn’t. Most people our age are thinking about starting a family, buying a house, settling down. Ehren is trying to change the course of history.

But he can’t do it alone. After all, a democracy isn’t about Ehren and what he says as an individual. It’s about a nation participating as a whole to systematically determine its future course. It’s about electing moral and strong leaders who accept responsibility for their mistakes and look forward.

Ehren is doing this because our nation should have done better, could have done better when deciding to wage an all out war on another country under false pretenses. He’s doing what our leaders haven’t. He’s doing what we haven’t done.

He is saying this war is wrong and it needs to end. It’d be nice if the rest of us could do the same.

Send Ehren your support, he needs every last bit.

3 thoughts on “Ehren the Brave

  1. Ehren

    Ehren Watada I feel pretty well deserves getting a court marshal. He’s suddenly made me feel as though my name is sullied. What a load of crap! It doesn’t take a genius to look at the situation and think “gee, I don’t think these guys like us and I think they want to kill us all” and go take a shovel and beat people over the head with it until everyone stops trying to kill us.

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