Victory for France?


I read an interesting article about Floyd Landis’ doping today. My gut feeling is the sport is so oversensitive that when someone wins it’s just natural to assume they are doping and fart in their general direction.

Especially if you are French, and the guy winning is another American.

But hey, why should we care anyway?

The French can have their strangely convenient and isolated blip on an otherwise clean record that ironically wouldn’t even help a cyclist overnight.

It’s too bad Floyd is paying the price for American dominance in cycling. (Of course, if he did cheat, I’m an ass.) … (Well, either way…)

4 thoughts on “Victory for France?

  1. I saw parts of the Tour de France from Centralia College, where I stopped overnight during the Seattle to Portland bicycle ride. It was pretty amazing to think that those racers can ride for days a time and zoom up hills, whereas riding 100 miles in 1 day for me took almost all of my energy.

    I’m pretty disenchanted with professional sports. I think that if someone isn’t just doing it for fun then something is wrong with them. For me, that gut feeling applies to most professional sports.

  2. I think this guy is full of it. The response to his second positive test: “Landis and his defense team have offered various explanations for the high testosterone reading — including cortisone shots taken for pain in Landis’ degenerating hip; drinking beer and whiskey the night before; thyroid medication; and his natural metabolism.”
    First of all, alcohol has been found to DECREASE testosterone, and all of the other excuses wouldn’t cause exogenous testosterone to be in the body.
    Who knows, mabye this guy will have some miracle explanation for the results, lab errors have been known to occur. But in the end, from what I’ve read, it sounds like this guys trying to hide a big mistake.

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