Go Hornets!


Spurs showed they were the best at… well… basketball? Here are some highlights from game 5:

  • Hey let’s foul the Suns on purpose instead of playing basketball — EQUIVALENT OF 8 TURNOVERS
  • Duncan tripping over his own feet — FOUL
  • Parker falling down after getting assaulted by a nitrogen atom — FOUL
  • Shaq stripping ball off of Duncan’s feet — SPURS BALL, 2 POINTS BY DUNCAN
  • Seven turnovers by the Suns in the fourth quarter — SHIT

I don’t even know where to start with this. Game 5 showed the Spurs’ true colors, bunch of fakers and liars. But even in the wake of such embarrassing play by the Spurs, the Suns gave them the game again because they were not mentally tough.

In the end, to beat a superior team you need to resort to intentional fouling, flopping and luck. It paid off.

So honestly, basketball died a little more today. Most of you don’t know why or what I mean, but then again most of you don’t know the game like I do. Most of you ain’t got shit on me.

Go Hornets. Best I can hope for is that this joke of a team dies at the hands of CP3.

Or, New Orleans will learn that it takes more than basketball to win in the playoffs.

Here’s to the Spurs getting old and eventually dying.