Robocalls: the automated voice of change


Nothing like clinging to a politics of fear and divisiveness via hundreds of thousands of automated phone calls. Nothing says “country first” like spamming phone lines with vitriol to serve your own ambitions.

But hey — please at least register to vote, read the issues, and make an educated decision this November. It’s never been so important.

2 thoughts on “Robocalls: the automated voice of change

  1. AMEN!! Voted last week (absentee) since our monthly cluster maintenance falls on election day, and had to wait in line for over an hour to do so.. Would have waited all day, the big O needs all of the votes he can get here in Indiana.. 😐

  2. I wonder what people will vote for here: The front-yard-sign ratio is about 4 (O) to 1 (M) but I am pretty sure not everybody put a sign up 😉

    Also, have you guys got a “robocall” yet? That’s quite weird, if you ask me.

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