Porter Sucks


After winning at home by 48 against a crappy team, instead of using it as an excuse to build his guys up, Porter says this bullshit, “… this win was definitely needed, from the standpoint of our confidence. Maybe we’ll start believing we’re a good team.”

Terry Porter, you are a massive tool.

If I was the coach of a struggling team, I would say something like this, “I knew we had this in us, and this shows that when we work hard we are the best team in this league. I am proud of my guys.”

But you see, Terry Porter is an idiot and silently resents his own players. That’s why they don’t try hard for him, and that’s why he won’t succeed in the NBA.

2 thoughts on “Porter Sucks

  1. You are exactly right. It’s like Porter has this magic 11 piece puzzle and if he just fits the bits together they will turn into solid gold. Unfortunately, he just sits there like a little kid mashing them together and not accomplishing anything.

    The worst part is that D’Antoni solved most, if not all of it last year, but apparently Porter wasn’t paying attention.

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