Firefox Gets Dressed Up with Personas


morgamic's current persona

Personas was launched a couple of weeks ago, and it’s been received well. On the Personas add-on page on you can already see 1.3 million downloads with 922,000 of those coming in the last seven days. Wow!

picture of add-ons listing and stats

The response to Personas is great, and I hope we can find more ways to get people excited about the extensibility of Firefox. I thought about some of the key factors to its success:

  • Easy to install, fun to use
  • Unique and personalized but not intrusive
  • Easy to create your own
  • Makes an obvious change to your browser

It’s awesome to see what’s going on with Personas — congrats to Mozilla Labs and the Personas team. Looking forward to what’s coming up next!

2 thoughts on “Firefox Gets Dressed Up with Personas

  1. Alfred Kayser

    I have updated the support of Personas in my Nautipolis theme, showing that having a combination of a ‘lightweight’ theme and a ‘heavywight’ theme is possible, whereby one provides the means to easily choose the background, and the other to customise the icons and widgets.

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