Laura Bush on Obama


Holy shit. Talk about a major anomaly in the GOP’s propaganda machine.

Referencing the uproar over Obama’s address to schoolchildren, which will be aired nationwide Tuesday, Laura Bush said it’s “really important for everyone to respect the president of the United States.”

It’s good to see that common sense takes hold once in a while and someone has recognized that the recent disrespect for our president is ridiculous.

Yeah, it’s fine to disagree — of course. But base it on facts and do it respectfully. Don’t shout really loud about stupid shit just to drown out people who aren’t matching up with your ideology. You’re pooping in the pool and muddying public discourse.

Most people can’t handle this. So far our president has been called:

  • Hitler
  • A socialist
  • A terrorist
  • A fascist
  • A communist
  • A racist

And, probably worse than that. And we’ve still got 3 years to go!

Thanks Laura Bush.

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