day 4 – Long-lost friend


Long-lost Friend

I started when I was 10 years old. 9 years later, I quit as a sophomore in college after a punishing year in the OSU marching band practicing outdoors in the waning fall of the pacific northwest.

I loved the symphony more than ensembles or marching band, and I’ll pick it back up eventually. I still know all my scales, everything just comes out a half step out of tune.

2 thoughts on “day 4 – Long-lost friend

  1. I’ve actually managed to keep up with playing the trumpet a bit by playing in my alma mater’s concert band. There are lots of community ensembles that are always looking for people (at least around here), so it’s not hard to find a venue to play (it’s harder to find the time).

    • Yeah, but French Horn is tougher. I’ve considered making a switch to trumpet since the key is the same, but the mouthpiece just destroys me.

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