Project 365 – day 24-31


I grew tired of posting daily, so I’m going to try weekly summaries for Project 365.


This picture of Junior was fun because I placed an off-camera flash on the ground and just took a bunch of photos to see what it looked like. I was happy with the results.

Turkey club on sour roll

Roger’s Deli has some pretty awesome sandwiches. The turkey club is my favorite.

Hanging around

Along Steven’s Creek Trail, there are lots of photo ops. This one was of some plant-like thing that was kind of neat-o… or something.

Emergency switch

Without a car, I was taking the VTA to work. I took this perspective of an emergency switch and had some fun with it in Lightroom with a purple filter.

Headphone prowess

More off-camera flash work. I was showing Rainer what kind of effects we could get and he so kindly posed.


A trip to the Exploratorium gave me the opportunity to take this dark picture. The day was cloudy and slightly rainy, but the rain held up long enough to snap this HDR photo with my 10.5mm fisheye lens at f/2.8.

Worst beer name ever?

This beer was brewed in Frederick, MD. While it’s got a crazy name, I thought it was cool that Flying Dog beers are brewed in the town I was born — yes, I was born in Frederick!

Michael Coates and Chris Lyon

I was asked to take some conference bio photos for infra sec. Our background is a piece of artwork we took off the wall, held by someone. Though, that someone sometimes made it into the picture!