Novacaine for the Soul


So blogging is this huge deal now. Syndication, devblogs, company blogs, people getting fired for blogs, people making money off of blogs, bloggers invading cable news, the slashdot effect (hey, it counts!) …

lots of bullshit has come from my keyboard

I enjoy reading blogs where people lay it all out on the line. I typically see these coming from younger people who are more energetic and maybe a little wreckless. I used to have an “it’s what I think so it’s okay to speak my mind” philosophy. But you know — not everything in your head is for sharing. In fact, most of it is pretty unfit for publication.

I’m not promoting censorship — say whatever the hell you want. Just say it well. Be clear, be understood, be expressive and powerful. It’s the difference between saying, “McDonald’s is a stupid whore!” and making a documentary like Super Size Me! — one thing is just brain vomit while the other is organized and thoughtful.

I’ve learned a few things about blogging:

  • The more you put into it, the more you get out
  • Careful what you say, it doesn’t come back
  • What you write is frozen in time
  • It all adds up, and if you don’t do it you’ll wish you did in a few years
  • More people read your blog than you think

Since I’m obsessed with myself, I went back and read some of my old blogs. Turns out I’ve been blogging since this post, written Febuary 3rd, 2002:

it’s been a while since i’ve had the energy to update my site. given some of the current projects i’ve been working on, it’s understandable that i’ve rekindled my love for making silly little webpages.

what is so interesting about webpages to me is the mixture of logic and creativity involved. there is a curious balance between the two when a person makes a website. any webpage represents the symbiotic relationship between the two hemispheres of our brain. in some cases, logic wins, and a page will be 100% functional while looking like shit. in others, pages can be beautiful, but lack functionality, or any semblance of structure.

i figured that i’d take a crack at it. granted, i don’t run an ebiz, or anything like that. but it doesn’t hurt to try new things and see what happens.

Safe to say, I’ve written some pretty terrible shit over the years. A lot of what I read tonight I wasn’t very proud of, but that’s life. You mess up, you get better, repeat. Some of it was surprisingly good — mostly the things I didn’t write in haste or anger.

So here I find myself, blogging in the middle of the night again, breaking myself into pieces small enough to fill this little window of time. To be continued, I guess.

I’m blogging this.

One thought on “Novacaine for the Soul

  1. mmm brain vomit.

    First of all, it’ll be years before I write like you do three years ago. Secondly, it’s all good baby! Things change, people change, ideas change. People used to believe in God, and looked what happened to that!

    If you don’t like what you wrote, then you’ve changed or improved, or perhaps both. Progress. It’s a good thing.

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