Americano Bizarro



Bizarre. That’s about the only way I can explain things. Baseball players are required to testify under oath in front of senate judiciary committees, but oil executives and district attorneys aren’t.

who cares about bonds?
Sure enough, Mr. Specter, maybe you should have rethought how much you can trust people nowdays — especially people involved with the white house — and especially the ones who deny they were.

Although, I don’t think you thought very much at all about it. You probably just did what you were told. Either way — shame on you for not holding people accountable for telling the truth.

This crap has been building up for a while — so let me get some stuff off my chest. Let’s see — things our congress has focused on:

  • Steriods in baseball (who gives a shit)
  • Building a WALL — A FRICKING WALL — between the US and Mexico (didn’t work for Germany or China; way to regress 200 years guys; done for political gain in November)
  • Discussion about gay marriage (robbing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness from US citizens based on an uncontrollable part of their nature; again, way to regress 200 years; didn’t work for slave owners or restricting women’s voting rights; didn’t work for Hitler either)
  • Janet Jackon’s nipple (not something to ban from TV — embrace it!)

Things that were pretty much ignored:

  • Domestic wire-tapping (national security, shh, it’s so secret nobody is accountable for it)
  • Constitutional checks and balances (wtf?! there are limits to presidential power?)
  • Safety regulation in mining operations (oh, people can die from underregulation that benefits rich business owners?; no lobbyists for saving lives?)
  • Health care reform
  • Social security reform
  • Budget deficit
  • Lobbying reform
  • Election reform
  • Shit, well, pretty much everything they should have been instead of building walls and working on conservative (and pointless) legislation

So my response to this stuff — including Barry Bonds hitting seven-hundred-something home-runs? Get a grip, people. The country is going down the tubes and you’re worried about baseball records and steroids? Wake up.

Congress does a lot of great things, but lately I just don’t know what those things are.