Pac-10 Refs Blew It


This Saturday I went to the UO vs. OU game (Ducks vs. Sooners) at Autzen stadium. The game was awesome, and the Ducks pulled off an amazing come-from-behind victory. Not a bad choice for a first time at Autzen. It was easily the craziest football game I can remember going to (except for Civil War of course).

Scout is exhausted after hiking

But while I was very impressed with the stadium, the fans, and the play of the Ducks… I must say the refs sucked, and they did so at the worst times of the game. Not that I’m a Sooner fan or I’m nay saying the victory — but those two calls they botched were pretty obvious on instant replay.

Now don’t get me wrong. I cheered for the Ducks, and it was frickin awesome to watch the stadium erupt. But if I were the head coach of the Sooners I’d be pretty pissed off too.

Bob Stoopes is right — the kick interference should have been called, and the pass interference call was incorrect because the ball was tipped (plus I didn’t really see the PI in the first place). It doesn’t take an expert to see this in the replay.

I wonder what the refs were saying during the 5 minutes they took to review each of the plays. It was probably, “If we change this shit, there will be a 60,000+ riot on our hands.” Hopefully it wasn’t, “But I put so much money on the Ducks!”

But hey, it’s too late now. Even Stoopes and the Oklahoma fans have accepted the loss and moved on.

In the bigger picture, it’d be cool to see Oregon go on and win the national title this year. If they do, it’d be pretty amazing, especially considering they could have lost this game if the refs made the correct calls.

Sometimes instant replay doesn’t help when you’ve got 60,000 plus screaming at you to hurry up.

2 thoughts on “Pac-10 Refs Blew It

  1. With regards to the reviewed call about the ball not going 10 yards on the onside kick, I keep wondering why the fact that it is tough to tell who touched the ball first. If the Oklahoma player touched it first then it is a moot point, the ball doesn’t have to go 10 yards. After looking at it again, it looks like the Oregon player touched it first but the refs could have said that there wasn’t “definitive video evidence” that the Oklahoma player didn’t touch it first. Just a thought.

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