Pac-10 Refs Suspended


Interestingly enough, the issue I talked about in my post about how the Pac-10 Refs Blew It in the Oregon vs. Oklahoma contest came to its conclusion today ending up in a suspension for the entire officiating and instant replay crew.

I understand these guys were under a lot of pressure, but there is no excuse when you have instant replay. It becomes less of a judgment call and more of a controversy at that point.

Maybe we should investigate further? Maybe congress will hold an emergency session! They did it for steroids… idiots.

Games shouldn’t come down to this. Period.

3 thoughts on “Pac-10 Refs Suspended

  1. Tom Rush

    Look at USC. They get a little help from almost identical refs in their game against against Washington State. Very next gave vs. Washington, when the time was supposed to be stopped, it runs not giving Washington a final play. What is with the Trojans? The entire Pac 10 needs to educate their refs and instant replay crews. If they get Auburn’s #2 spot, that will be sad. Florida, Notre Dame, as well as many other teams could and in some cases will beat USC. They don’t deserve a top 10 ranking.

  2. Richard Parker

    Apparently what wasnt seen on TV outside of Oklahoma was the fact that an OU player ended up with the ball after that onside kick. Whether a Duck or a Sooner touched it first, or whether it went ten yards or not seems to be missing the point: the ball was recovered by an Oklahoma player.

    I dont have any sour grapes towards the Ducks because they played a _great_ game. The refs just dropped the ball (pun somewhat intended).

  3. philip devos

    The tradition lives on. On Sept 1 2007 in the second half of the Tennessee Cal game Tennesseee scored a touchdown thet the Pac 10 crew ruled an incomplete pass. On 4th down the Tennessee quarterback threw a ball to a receiver at the far side of the endzone. The ball was bobbled. The receiver turned toward the back of the end zond, controlled the ball, then fell outside the side of the endzone. A ref was located at the back corner of the end zone, in perfect position to make the correct call. He must have seen clearly that the ball was controlled. However being a pac 10 ref, he chose to call it incomplete.

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