Kobe doesn’t make his teammates better


It’s not unusual to see Kobe go for 50 on any given night. Unfortunately it’s not unusual to see him go for 50 points and also lose.

Kobe doesn’t make his teammates better, and in the end of games, he is a one-man-show who pretty much insults Naismith and his original idea of basketball as a team sport.

Kobe is a gifted athlete and an excellent offensive player. He should use that to his advantage, for sure, but it doesn’t mean he should miss 12 consecutive shots to close out a game and say, “oh well, they weren’t falling and when I can’t score we lose”. That’s bullshit, man.

I think the mark of a great player is a guy who realizes when his shot is off and makes adjustments to either get himself going (better shots) or just focus on passing. It’s not like Kobe can’t pass — he just doesn’t.

People who are constantly double-teamed in the NBA have no reason to say, “we can’t win when I can’t score”. Because you know what? Most of the time when Kobe shoots fade-away three pointers there is a dude who is wide open watching him do it.

So I am more than amused that after all the hype and the MVP chants in LA no-doubt led in part by Jack and Denzel, Kobe and his Lakers are on the brink of playoff elimination.

Kobe is better than Jordan? Really?

Jordan learned from the greatest coach in NBA history and won championships with the teams he had. He had Pippen and who else? Kobe has Lamar Odom! Lamar is a 7 ft. version of Scottie with better post moves!

In the scheme of things, it’s not a big deal. I could really care less about Kobe and what happens with the Lakers. But it’s good to see that when basketball is turned into an individual game, the superstar typically loses — especially in a 7-game series.

So keep up the scoring rampage, Kobe. Until you learn how to make your teammates better you’ll just be a 40-win team.

Kobe Bryant is the best player in NBA history… in his own mind.

Update: Kobe scored 50 and his team won a spot in the playoffs. He was 18-25 which was a lot better than his 7-26 on Friday. Best of luck in the playoffs, loser.

2 thoughts on “Kobe doesn’t make his teammates better

  1. It is better to miss 12 in a row knowing your teammates will miss 20 in a row. Kuwame Brown cannot even make free throw and none of his teammates are shooting higher than Kobe percentage wise.


  2. How are his teammates supposed to find any sort of rhythm when he’s shooting 30 shots a game and dominating the ball during crunch time? The fact that he doesn’t pass to his teammates lowers their confidence and ruins their rhythm. I think his supporting cast is good enough.

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