Top ten signs you might be addicted to Bugzilla


Letterman wouldn’t get it, so I’ll do it.

You might have a Bugzilla problem if…

  1. You have multiple Bugzilla email accounts, and you read them all even though you say you don’t.
  2. You check your bugmail on the way to the _________ and end up sitting there for 2 hours.
  3. You watch more than 5 people or components even though you don’t actively write code for them.
  4. You dream of Buggie magically fixing all your bugs.
  5. You can’t sleep when you have reviews in your request queue.
  6. You would cancel a hot date or pass on sex to fix a blocker.
  7. You stay up late at night verifying bugs that are already RESOLVED.
  8. You have more than 30 saved searches.
  9. You have famous bugs bookmarked so you can quickly link to them when people talk about funny bugs.
  10. You correct OS and platform information on random bugs 24 hours a day.

11 thoughts on “Top ten signs you might be addicted to Bugzilla

  1. J

    I was going to comment of the contradiction of the original #6 (“You would cancel a date with a hot member of opposite sex”) but I see it’s adjusted to reality now 😛

  2. LpSolit

    Is there an OR or AND relationship between the 10 conditions above to be considered as addicted to Bugzilla? Note that 30 saved searches is not a lot. 😉

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