I really hate the Spurs


The Spurs are a part of the system. They are borne from the 1990s system of hard-nosed defense and crying to the refs.

They find themselves in the new age of basketball — of 120 point games and no defense — and they are clinging to the only thing they have.

The refs.

Two games now I’ve watched flop after flop and fucked up call after another — in the end it amounts to one thing — a Spurs W. But at what cost?

I’m not really going to go into any of it, just see youtube for whatever you need to know. In the end, it just amounts to old guys clinging to what they can to advance in the playoffs. The Suns are a better team, the Spurs are old, and they game the system to get what they want.

The worst part is Spurs fans who never admit their team’s strategy. There will be more videos, more blogs, and the end conclusion is that anybody not already a Spurs fan realizes that this is all wrong and basketball dies a little every time this team wins in the playoffs.

And if you’re a Spurs fan, hey, great, your bandwagon is intact — way to ride to another pseudo-win so you can brag to your pseudo-friends about how fake-good your team is.

2 thoughts on “I really hate the Spurs

  1. BTW – the end result in 2008 is that the Spurs will not win the championship and their core will be dissolved by 2010. Doesn’t matter who beats them, they will not win this year.

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