And now for something completely different


My Spurs rant wasn’t meant for planet — put the wrong category on that by accident last night, so sorry about that.

I wrote it after the game from a craptastic bar in SJC as I waited for my plane — it was delayed 3 hours because of weather in Chicago.

I did work on a diagram for upgrading the graph server architecture last night, so I’ll offer that as a nugget of truce to readers:

Goal is to make the graph server snappier. Comments welcome.

7 thoughts on “And now for something completely different

  1. Glenn

    Yeah, well, I was saying to myself, “what planet are we on?” (Spurs?… huh?). So, thanks for shedding some light there, Monty… Python. (Now, back to the Ministry of Silly Blogs.) ;D

  2. Planet gets all kinds of posts, and people can skip the ones they don’t want to read. I don’t think you should worry about what planet gets for the sake of others — only worry if it’s because *you* don’t want it on planet.

  3. I liked the spurs post. To read planet moz you’d think none of you guys have any life or existence outside of mozilla… very sterile, very dull sometimes.

  4. I was running out of space. Main point is that it’s shown as a data source and the graph shows that it interfaces with that system via an API. Did I miss something?

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